Before Dutch PM’s visit to India to meet PM Modi, Hindu Temple got destroyed near Muslim suburb in the Netherlands

In a heartbreaking news, Hindu temple was attacked in The Hague earlier this week. The Hague is a city on the western coast of the Netherlands. The temple chairman, Siddarth Ramdhani said that the windows were broken by large stones that were found inside. He tells the regional broadcaster Omroep West, that the shambolic act was deliberate.

“The temple is a mess. The windows were broken by several large stones that were found inside. They were probably thrown from a fairground opposite the temple.They had to make considerable effort, because both windows are double glazed”, he added.

Credits: Twitter

Siddharth Ramdhani stressed the fact that the temple was targetted by some people purposely. Both windows were double glazed and which clears signifies the fact that the anonymous people made efforts to vandalise the temple. “They had to make a considerable effort because both windows are double glazed,” Rhamdani says.

According to the temple chairman, the temple was ‘targeted on purpose’. He tells that the temple was not only been attacked during Ramadan but also during our religious festivities as well.“Not only during Ramadan but also during our own religious festivities youths are harassing us,” he says.

It is learnt that The Hindu temple is in The Hague’s notorious “Schilderswijk” area, known for being a dangerous place for jihadists and ISIS sympathisers. The attack took place just before the Dutch PM’s visit to India where he held talks with PM Narendra Modi over mutual support between India and Netherlands over a variety of fields such as business, energy, food processing, science and technology and so on.

PM Modi took to his official Twitter handle and said that he and PM Mark Rutte discussed the virtual importance of India-Netherlands cooperation. “Held extensive talks with PM Mark Rutte. We discussed India-Netherlands cooperation in a wide range of areas including trade, energy, food processing, science and technology. @MinPres,” PM Modi had tweeted.

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