After years of hard work, Son of Milkman selected for India’s Cricket World Cup- TheYouth report

It takes years of hard work, grit, dedication, passion and determination to achieve one of the greatest feats in one’s career. The route map to success is not that easy. Ask successful people, they would say how they had struggled in the initial stages of their career.

Pankaj Yadav has done ever so well in his life which others can only dream of. The talented guy deserves a ‘certificate of excellence’ or even much more than that for making giant strides in the development of cricket to make the cut in India’s U-19 World Cup squad.

Pankaj with his proud father Chandra Yadav (extreme right), proud mother Manjudhevi and sisters Priyanka (Credits: Yahoo Cricket)

What really makes his story inspiring is the fact that he is the son of Milkman who understood the pain and struggles of his family in the early stages. He might have suffered setbacks in his life but that didn’t stop him from living his evergreen dream.

Pankaj Yadav plies his trade as a potential left-arm spinner by trait. Expressing his euphoria after being selected to represent India in the World Cup, Pankaj Yadav told that Cricket is his life and he wants to play a very important role in the World Cup by making his presence count.

Hailing from Ranchi, Pankaj Yadav has a special likingness for MS Dhoni who was also born in the same City. Other than Dhoni, Pankaj admires Shane Warne as well. Pankaj told ANI, “Cricket is my life and I will give my best in the World Cup. Dhoni and Shane Warne are my role models”.

The proud father, Chandradeo Yadav told ANI, “I always wanted to see my son doing well in academics but his passion was cricket. So, I encouraged him to pursue it as his career.”

“I respect his choice and will always support him for it. Pankaj is a great fan of Dhoni, I wish he becomes like him someday,” the father said.

Now that Pankaj Yadav must have completed his training in Bengaluru. He will play his first match against Australia U19 as he will take his first step in the build-up to his cricketing career.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.