Kanpur man stops ‘bank robbery’ by spitting Gutkha into the eyes of stealers, gets bravery award

In what is one of the greatest news we would hear today, a man hailing from Kanpur has done an incredible job in winning the hearts of the people. The man received a ‘bravery award’ by the local administration as he prevented the infamous bank robbery by spitting gutkha into the eyes of the stealers.

Bank robbery has been the latest trend set by the robbers in the contemporary world. It is palpable that the Kanpur man named Yogendra Kumar has managed to tackle three robbers at Jankalyan Bank in the city with no weapons but by his favourite ‘Double Ghoda’ gutkha.

If sources are to be believed, the stealers sneaked the bank around 2:30 pm. To frighten the people, they have equipped themselves with dangerous pistols and incisive knives. Once they entered the bank, they threatened the head cashier and were filling their large cylindrical bag with loads of hot cash.

But when the local resident Yogendra witnessed this scene, he was brave and smart enough to catch the robbers by spitting a gutkha. Those three robbers were then later handed over to the nearest Police station in the city.

The Police Chief reported things in detail regarding the incident as he echoed saying that the thieves cashed in on the opportunity when the cops were really busy with anti-romeo squads. The Police Chief also went on to shower praises on the resident Yogendra Kumar for doing a fantastic job of preventing things from getting worse.

“The thieves took advantage of the fact most cops were busy with anti-romeo squads and gauraksha. But thanks to alert citizens like Yogendra, we have someone to fall back on,” said the Police Chief.

The CCTV footage of the bank robbery attempt went rife all over the internet circle with many hailing Mr. Yogendra Kumar’s active presence of mind. One Bollywood producer is also planning a superhero movie called ‘Gutkha-man’ dedicated to the heroics of the Kanpur resident.

Yogendra Kumar was pleased as punch to have done his duty. He expressed himself with a sign language and said that he was happy to have received the prestigious award. He also offered some tips to the people by saying that gutkha is more effective than pepper spray and women too should try it out to tackle harassment.

(Disclaimer: The mainstream media has not reported this news yet. The Source of our information is some fairly popular websites. The Youth does not verify the authenticity of the information given above)

Chaithanya G
Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.