India beats Pakistan not just in hockey, but also in United Nations!

This definitely is quite a disappointing day for all Indian cricket fans and it’d not be unfair to say that the entire nation is right now in a somber mood. Pakistan have stunned the Indians in the ICC Champions Trophy final and left all Indian cricket lovers heart broken.

Photo UN / Jean-Marc FERRE ,

But something that came in as a breath of fresh air was India beating Pakistan in the World Hockey League semifinals by 7-1 and Kidambi Srikanth registering a famous win in Indonesia, winning the Indonesian super series title against all the odds.

To add to it, there’s another aspect where India got the better of Pakistan, not in any sports battle field, but in United Nations. Our country has been re-elected to the principal organ of the UN on environmental, social and economic issues for 3 more years.

UN’s Indian ambassador Syed Akbaruddin tweeted congratulating India and thanking all the UN members for casting their votes in our favor. His tweet read, “Another day, another election…India wins again. Thanks to support of UN Member States, India re-elected to ECOSOC (Eco & Social Council)”.

18 nations won the election and successfully grabbed a spot in the ECOSOC. Out of all the countries, India registered the second highest number of votes, around 183 in total. On the other side, Pakistan managed to get just one vote, signifying the kind of support they are having in the United Nations.

India was already a part of ECOSOC but since its term will get over this year, it was seeking re-election. Pakistan too were a part of the ECOSOC before, but they won’t be a part of this term.

This is something the Pakistani ambassadors should think about and ensure they get back into ECOSOC next time around because this indeed is a huge blow for them. To be frank, this actually is not such a disappointing day, it only seems so because our CRICKET TEAM has faltered.

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