Two friends left their lucrative careers to help farmers

One of them is a chartered accountant and also a CFA, the other is an MBA graduate who had some wonderful jobs with jaw dropping salary packages and also a textile business. When your earnings are so high as these people, why would you say otherwise to life?

Well, CA Akshay Agarwal and Gajendra Choudary decided to leave behind their wonderful careers to do something fruitful for the country, more specifically the farmers. This indeed lead to the inception of Siddhagiri Satvyk, a company which provides you the option of knowing your farmer and processor, and also the farming and the processing methods used to grow your food.

Picture Source: Better India

“We eat arhar dal for folic acid, jaggery for calcium and haemoglobin, tomatoes for Vitamin A, carrots for Vitamin C, apples to keep doctors away, etc. But are the apples really keeping the doctors away? An apple now is 45% pesticides a day. Or are lentils, which look so beautiful after polishing, giving us the required nutrition, or is the jaggery adding to the calcium or adding to your urea levels creating kidney problems? We need to give it a thought. How can anyone play with our lives by serving us raisins washed in detergent and treated with sulphur or the wheat fumigated with Sulfaz, which can have dangerous side-effects?” This was the question which haunted both these masterminds for a long time.

They eventually started researching by visiting various farm fields, attending organic farming sessions so that they can understand farming a lot better. They continued to do so for the next ten months. Akshay finally put all his thoughts in a paper in 2015 to ensure every meal that a person has in this country is adulteration-free.

Gajendra Choudary too soon left his profession to help his friend in this wonderful initiative. Gajendra had a huge network of farmers in Rajasthan as his ancestors were farmers and through the organisation Siddhagiri, Akshay had already connected to the best organic farmers of the country.

The farmers generally have to spend around Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 to get their food certified as healthy and this is an amount not many farmers across the country can afford. Gajendra and Akshay wanted to aid these farmers and at the same time ensure healthy food is being processed from them.

After carrying out so many processes and getting to a conclusion on many aspects of farming, the duo launched their first outlet by the name Siddhagiri’s Satvyk. This indeed is a significant contribution being made by these two gentlemen, who despite of having such lucrative careers ahead, decided to something for the welfare of these farmers.

Written by Anuraag Peesara

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