Groom gets kidnapped by a woman on his wedding day

How many times we have seen in Bollywood as well as South Indian cinemas? A man would be marrying a girl in front of many guests and suddenly, there comes a twist as a juggernaut, fully armed with weapons enter the scenario and capture either the groom or the bride. Well, can you ever imagine such kind of scenario materializing in real life? Listen to this story from Uttar Pradesh.

24 year old Ashok Yadav was all set to tie the knot to a girl, chosen by his parents and things were going pretty smoothly and happily for both the families of the bride and the groom. The Jai mala ritual, where the both the bride and groom garland each other was done and they were moments away from getting hitched forever.

Picture Source: Hindustan Times

Just as the customary and the most important Saat Phere (7 rounds around fire) was about to take place, a battalion led by a girl entered the wedding arena in SUVs with weapons. She at gun point forced the bride to leave the wedding arena and abducted him in front of 100s of people who just kept watching the drama unfold.

Around 40 hours after Ashok was dramatically taken away from them on Monday, his parents lodged a formal complaint with the Maudaha police. The woman with the revolver was identified as Bharti Yadav, who was in a relationship with Ashok. Apparently, she hadn’t been able to come to terms with his decision to marry another.

Bharti Yadav, who is a resident of Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh, is currently under the scanner and the police are trying to trace their location. People who witnessed this said that the girl had claimed Ashok had promised her that he would marry her. But today he’s here marrying another woman.

Witnesses also claimed that the agitated Bharti had hit Ashok on the head before taking him away. Though the bride’s family dialled 100 soon after they left, attempts to locate the two vehicles went in vain.

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