Sushma Swaraj comes in aid for a Hyderabadi women trapped in Saudi Arabia

Sushma Swaraj came in aid for a Hyderabadi woman, who was trapped in Saudi Arabia by her sponsor(kahfeel). The External Affairs Minister of India ensured she was brought out of that traumatic situation and she ensured on twitter that she will be brought back to India on the morning on 28th April.

“Indian national Salma Begum has been rescued. She is reaching Mumbai by flight G9406 at 04.15 am on 28 April 2017. I appreciate the efforts of the Indian embassy in Riyadh for resolving this in just 72 hours,” she said.

Picture Source: NDTV

“I have asked Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia to rescue and repatriate her to India at the earliest. I have asked @ProtectorGenGOI to proceed against the agent who sent her to Saudi Arabia.” read Sushma Swaraj’s tweet.

Ms Salma was allegedly harassed mentally and physically by her sponsor there. Reports had appeared that she was deceived by her agents.

Ms Swaraj on Monday had asked the Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia to rescue and repatriate a woman. Ms Swaraj’s direction to the Indian embassy officials in Riyadh came after a media report said the woman was deceived by her agents and was now physically harassed by her sponsor.

Shrimati Sushma Swaraj has always been very active when it comes to supporting Indians living in foreign countries and once again, she has proven her mettle as the external affairs minister.

This ain’t the first time an Indian woman has been trapped in gulf countries as many Indian women are being used as s*x slaves in countries like Saudi, UAE, Dubai etc. Even Ms Salma was sold for around Rs 3 Lakh and if it had not been for Sushma Swaraj’s heroics, Ms Salma would have found herself in the list of S*x trafficking.

Sushma Swaraj has been one of those very few ministers, who remained in the same post since the inception of BJP government in 2014. She has been doing a fine job and has been receiving great love and support from social media as well for her works.


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