Oil seller sells an oil container for ₹1200, but it had only water inside

Recently, a strange case of scam has come to light from Jodhpur. Two boys sold a container full of water to a woman for Rs. 1200 claiming that it was a container full of oil in Naya Talab Basti located at Nagori Gate. When the housewife opened the oil barrel, water came out of it. Realizing that she had been cheated, the victim searched for the fraudsters but by then the fraudsters had disappeared from the colony.

The Instagram handle ‘thebluecityjodhpur’ page shared the video on social media. In the video, the woman is shown emptying the container where water comes out instead of oil. This case is from Nagori Gate Naya Talab Beldars’ colony, the woman’s husband Rashid works as a sanitary worker. This is not the first case in Jodhpur where such strange frauds have happened, many such cases have come to light before and the fraudsters are adopting new methods.

According to the information received from sources, the fraudsters, citing their helplessness, promised to give two containers of oil at less than the cost price of Rs. 1200/- and then fled after giving a container filled with water. When the woman opened the oil container, water came out of it. Fraudsters had already disappeared from the area when the victim discovered that she had been cheated.

This incident again showed in detail how people can get trapped in the trap of superstition and fraud. This is a warning that we should always be vigilant to protect our health and financial assets. Otherwise, we can become victims of fraudsters.

The viral video has received over one million views and about 21 thousand likes. After watching the video, users have shared various types of reactions. In the comments, some people have also talked about a similar incident.

A user writes, ‘Greed is alive, till the fraudsters do not die of hunger, this can happen to anyone among you, so do not be greedy.’

Another user writes, ‘If you buy a barrel worth Rs. 2000 for Rs. 1200, this is what will happen

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