Viral video: Father catches his son drinking alcohol, he beats him with shoes in front of his friends

A video is making waves on social media platforms, in which a father’s objectionable actions can be seen. The video shows that the son tried to buy beer from a shop. The father expressed sharp displeasure over this and hit him with his slipper. This video soon went viral on social media.

As shown in the viral video, the father beats his son with a slipper at the shop. The boy holding the beer in his hand says Papa, this is not mine. But the father does not listen to him and beats him with the slipper. After this, the boy says that Papa, I swear, my friend had ordered it… why are you hitting me? Everyone is watching… I don’t drink. With this, the video ends.

This video of a Haryanvi father and son is being used in many memes. The viral video has been shared by Bharatsamachartv on Instagram with the caption, ‘Father took out his slipper after seeing son buying beer from the shop’. The viral video has received 150K views and 3K likes. After watching the video, users have shared various reactions. Some people see it as the father’s strong displeasure, while some people see it as social oppression rather than its special educational value.

A user wrote, ‘Papa ji did his duty.’

While another user wrote, ‘This practice was being stopped, if the practice continues, then no one will be seen at the shop again.’

Another user wrote, ‘Father will remain father, I saw in Delhi yesterday, that there is a crowd at the shops, if every father of Delhi goes out to the shop in the evening, this is what will happen.’

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