Hyderabad: They have used my home address to create bogus muslim votes

A resident of Hyderabad has claimed that his home address has been used to create bogus Muslim votes. Hitesh Agarwal has made these claims with proof and the video of the same has also been shared on social media. This incident has raised serious questions about the security and fairness of the election process in the city.

According to the video, Hitesh Agarwal is a resident of Professor Colony, Hyderabad, and has been living in this house for the last 45 years. His entire joint family lives in this house and around 70 people are voters. But out of these 70 voters, 15 names are not in the voting list. But the shocking thing is that his address has been used for bogus Muslim voters. Around 8 to 10 names are in the Muslim list but the address used is of Hitesh Agarwal.

In the video, Hitesh has clearly shown the voting list in which there are Muslim bogus votes on his address. This is a very shocking revelation. This case may be part of a large-scale fake voting in which the addresses of many other people have also been misused similarly. BJP candidate Madhavi Latha also claimed bogus votes in Hyderabad, which led to a huge controversy and she faced a lot of harassment.

Hitesh Agrawal’s video has been shared on Instagram by Arvind Singh, in which he has exposed this fact with the claim. The viral video has received more than 1 million views and more than 70 thousand likes. Users have shared reactions after watching the video. This matter raises major questions about the accuracy and transparency of electoral processes.

A user wrote, ‘I have also faced the same for my house. I will take strict action this time.’

Another user wrote, ‘Owaisi creating his own vote bank from Bangladesh.’

Hyderabad: they have used my home address to create bogus muslim votes

Another user writes, ‘This is the biggest mistake, Hindus never check whether their name is in the voter list or not before the elections. Hindus think that it is the responsibility of the candidate or leader contesting the elections to add the name to the voter list and check the name before the elections. Hindus have never given importance to elections.’

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