Bhopal: politicians use JCB to offer garland to statue, fall from the height

Madhya Pradesh: During the Maharana Pratap Jayanti celebration in Bhopal, a significant mishap occurred involving the collapse of the Municipal Corporation’s hydraulic lift while garlanding the statue of Maharana Pratap. Preliminary reports indicate that two individuals, including a councillor, sustained injuries in the incident. A video capturing the incident has emerged, rapidly gaining traction online.

On a Sunday afternoon near the Jyoti Talkies junction in Bhopal, members of the Rajput community assembled to honour Maharana Pratap on his Jayanti. They gathered around the tall statue of Maharana Pratap, seeking to adorn it with garlands. Given the statue’s considerable height, the municipal corporation summoned a hydraulic lift to assist in the garlanding ceremony.

Online sources claim that the councillor and his worker were using the hydraulic crane lift’s bin to garland the statue of Maharana Pratap. The crane lift’s bin abruptly broke and collapsed before they could respond. Councillor Rajput suffered a leg fracture after collapsing as well. He declared that the Bhopal Municipal Corporation had unquestionably engaged in extreme carelessness. An investigation into this issue is warranted. He recommended suspending the authorities in question. The whole matter should be investigated.

The injured Jitendra Singh Rajput is a councilor of ward number 66. A grand statue of Maharana Pratap features at the Jyoti Talkies intersection in Bhopal. Every time a huge program is organized on the occasion of Maharana Pratap’s birth anniversary, but this time a terrible accident happened in the program.

After the accident, screaming erupted at the venue. Immediately all three injured including the councillor were admitted to the hospital. All three have fractures in their legs and have also suffered serious injuries due to which they have been admitted to the hospital. A video of this entire incident has also surfaced which is becoming increasingly viral.

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