Mumbai Traffic Police’s witty post on issuing challan for Kartik Aaryan’s Lamborghini

Mumbai Police is quite active on social media portals. Every now and then, Mumbai Police posts content which is not only informative, but also piques the attention of the social media users. We have seen several tweets of Mumbai Police going viral on the internet.

Moreover, they also post about trending topics and educate the people in the right way. On the other end of the spectrum, there were some instances of Mumbai police giving witty replies to the social media users. Tweets of the same have gone viral as well.

Mumbai Police who are well known for their catchy and amusing posts gave witty responses to sensitize people regarding a wide range of issues. Case in point, Kartik Aaryan visited the Siddhivinayak Temple recently.

The actor and his parents turned for the darshan. Needless to say, they got into trouble as they parked their car on the road and breaching the traffic laws. Meanwhile, Mumbai Traffic Police, that is known for its witty posts on social media portals took to their Twitter handle and shared Kartik’s Lamborghini car along with a quirky caption.

“Problem? Problem yeh thi ki the car was parked on the wrong side! Don’t do the ‘Bhool’ of thinking that ‘Shehzadaas’ can flout traffic rules.”

Meanwhile, the police did not disclose the amount of the challan. A traffic officer added that anyone possesses a vehicle, even if he is an actor or actress, if the vehicle is parked in a “no parking zone”, the police will do their job.

Twitter users also reacted to the post as well. “Kya ye shjada ka pramotion hai (Is this a promotion for Shehzada),” asked a user. “No need to blank the number plate. Though its very easy to read the number and find who the name of bellwood actor,” wrote another. Meanwhile, another user commented, “Joke of the millennium.”