13-year-old Indian American Scientist invented a groundbreaking treatment for Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is extremely difficult to cure and has a survival rate as low as 7% only. In fact, pancreas are quite tough to locate in the body because they move around.

And here comes the Indian-American’s brilliant invention which can assist at the need of the hour in saving a lot of lives. Hailing from Oregon, the 13-year-old wonder kid has come up with an effective tool that could make a huge impact on how doctors treat pancreatic cancer.

Credits: Inside Edition

As per the reports, Rishab clinched Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge for coming up with a creative algorithm that uses artificial intelligence to assist doctors locate where the pancreas are during the time of cancer treatment.

While looking for the pancreas, doctors target the area around it which ends up killing millions of healthy cells. What Rishab’s tool can do is reduce the area to be targeted.

In an interview with TIME, Rishab said, “In the radiotherapy treatment where radiation is applied to kill tumor cells, my tool tracks the pancreas in the scan itself. When the radiation hits, it hits the pancreas accurately and efficiently so it can help treat the tumor much more effectively.”

When asked about his strategies and ideas for the future and what will he do with the huge prize money of $25,000 he won in the competition, he had some interesting words in store.

He said that he wants to fund the nonprofit he created, Samyak Science Society and then raise pancreatic cancer awareness. Not just that, he also wants to establish a college fund for himself.

Watch the video below: