Muslim youth kills his Hindu friend for voting BJP

Disputes often happen in politics are common but it was limited to politics only recently its effect has been seen spreading among the common people as well. An incident from Hardoi in Uttar Pradesh has shocked the nation, where a Muslim youth shot his Hindu friend dead for voting for the BJP. This tragic incident has shocked everyone.

The accused has been identified as Adnan Mohammad and the name of the deceased was Yuvraj Singh. According to media reports, both of them were very good friends, but during the election, this friendship turned into enmity, and in the meanwhile, a big incident happened. In a democracy, Indian citizens have the right to vote as per their wish, but Yuvraj had to lose his life for voting for the BJP of his wish.

Adnan stands accused of murdering Yuvraj, allegedly due to Yuvraj’s voting choice in favour of the BJP, according to Yuvraj’s family. They claim Adnan harboured intense anger towards Yuvraj for his political allegiance, leading to the tragic incident. However, the police remain sceptical and are diligently exploring all facets of the case to uncover the truth.

According to online sources, Yuvraj was a 12th class student and Yuvraj was the only son of his parents. This matter is very serious, people around everyone are shocked to see this matter. It is very important that religion and politics have to be kept separate. Religion and politics are two different things, and combining them is always harmful. Talking about religion is a personal matter for a person, which is for spiritual development and well-being. At the same time, politics is a matter of social and economic structure, which affects the social and economic life of people.

The viral video has been shared by an Instagram page named knowledgeofsanatan. After watching the video, anger has spread on social media. Users are sharing various types of reactions expressing their views. The video has been flooded with comments.

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