America punishes the Indian lady who abused PM Modi

Riddhi Patel, an IndianAmerican woman in the US, gave a threatening speech during a city council meeting and was arrested on charges of threatening city officials. The reason for this speech was the ongoing dispute between Israel and Gaza. Some countries were on Gaza’s side, while some were on Israel’s side. While some countries remained neutral. If we talk about the US government, it is openly supporting Israel.

Meanwhile, debates are also going on in the city councils of American cities, whether Israel should be supported or not. City councils are legislative councils in American cities, where all issues are discussed. These include all sorts of problems, national and international. A resolution was passed against Israel. When the debate was going on about passing it, 28-year-old Indian-American woman Riddhi Patel came to give a speech. She spoke in favor of Gaza Palestine. Then she threatened the mayor and other representatives sitting in the city council, saying ‘I will kill you if you do not condemn Israel.’

Riddhi Patel’s video also went viral on social media, often Riddhi Patel uses derogatory words for Hindu culture and Hindu festivals in her speeches. It has also been claimed that Riddhi has also used abusive words for PM Narendra Modi many times. Riddhi Patel wore a suit to gain sympathy at the city council meeting. But now Riddhi got the result of her deeds, and a US court has registered a case against her.

Riddhi Patel was arrested due to this statement, “‘I hope one day someone will bring a guillotine and kill all of you.’ She also used abusive language further. “Riddhi Patel further says ‘We will meet you at your home. We will kill you.’ She called ‘Navratri a festival of oppressors’. Also, just before threatening the city council members, she mentioned Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus Christ.

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