90s villian of Bollywood who was more handsome than heroes, he is forgotten today

The golden era of Bollywood, the 90s, not only captured fans’ hearts but also the imagination with its acts. Meanwhile, there was one artist who garnered even more attention than Heroes, Gavin Packard. Gavin Packard’s name had become very famous in the category of Bollywood villains, but due to his beauty, he remained in the news even more than the heroes.

At the age of 16, Gavin built a good body and started participating in big body-building competitions. He won many awards at the state to national levels and within a short time, he became famous as a bodybuilder. Due to his amazing body, he started trying to enter Bollywood. In 1980, South film director Hasan gave him a small role in one of his films ‘Benz Vasu’. After this, he worked in many similar films in the South.

Gavin was yearning for a Bollywood film that would make him known in the Hindi world, suddenly he got such a film, Mahesh Bhatt’s film Sadak in which Sanjay Dutt played the role of the hero and Gavin got to play the role of the villain. The film Sadak opened the fortunes of Gavin Packard. Sanjay Dutt was so impressed by his body that he made him his trainer and started learning bodybuilding. Everyone from Sunil Shetty to Salman Khan started taking bodybuilding training.

Gavin started getting films with big stars like Mithun and Nana Patekar. Miracle, Tiranga, Deedar, Aankhen, Vakat Hamara Hai, Tadipar, Yashwant Lohar. He showed his talent in many hit films ranging from Khiladi Ka Khiladi to Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan. The audience of the nineties may not have known his name but if you called him Gora Fighter, they would have recognized him immediately.

While climbing the pinnacle of success, Gavin also married a girl named Avril. Both had two daughters, Erica and Camille. As the 90s ended, Gavin’s career also started ending. Movies stopped being available. No one was offering even small roles due to which he suffered from depression. He met with a terrible accident while under the influence of alcohol. The accident was so bad that he was not even able to get up. His wife divorced Kevin and went to London with both their daughters.

Kevin developed a serious respiratory disease. On May 18, 2012, suddenly Gavin started breathing due to which he died. Surprisingly, no Bollywood actor was seen at his funeral. The unmatched villain of the 90’s died in agony in anonymity.

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