17yr old girl entered Bollywood industry, got 100 rejections today she owns ₹100 crore

Embarking on the journey toward a dream is often fraught with challenges, but for some people, this dream turns into reality. This is the story of one such actress who achieved her goal through passion, enthusiasm, and hard work. 48-year-old actress, who has made her mark on the screen today, but she has also faced a lot of challenges in her initial career.

This beauty, who rivals other actresses in terms of slim body, tall height, and beauty, is today the owner of crores of rupees. Actress Shilpa Shetty, that beautiful face of Bollywood, stole the entire UP-Bihar with her dance. Today, Shilpa Shetty is one of the top actresses of Bollywood, but her journey to reach here was not easy. At the beginning of her film career, she had to face many rejections from producers.

Now Shilpa Shetty has made her mark in Bollywood. Shilpa Shetty reveals the beginning of her career in an interview. “I was dark, thin, and tall. After graduation, I wanted to work with my father. Although in my heart I wanted to do something new and big, I never thought that I would get that opportunity.” Shilpa told.

But, things changed when she took part in a fashion show just for fun. Shilpa said that a photographer saw me and asked me to take pictures. This is how I was introduced to the glamor industry. She told that soon after this I got an offer for my first film. Never looked back since then. I keep going up and down in my career, but nothing meaningful comes easily. Shilpa further said that when I came into the industry, I was 17 years old and had neither seen the world nor understood life.

She further says, ‘I did not know how to speak Hindi, so I used to get nervous at the thought of coming in front of the camera. After a few films, I reached the point where my career ended. I have tried many times, but I always lag behind. It is not easy to celebrate one moment and ignore the next. I remember some producers used to throw me out of their films without any reason.

Actress Shilpa Shetty is married to businessman Raj Kundra. They have two children, Viaan and Shamisha. She is one of the famous actresses of Bollywood. She owns luxurious properties including a sea-facing bungalow worth Rs 100 crore. She also has a private jet.

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