Businessman donates all his wealth worth ₹200 crore and becomes a Monk, he follows this religion

In today’s times, when money and wealth have become recognized, some people are giving up all their possessions to choose the path of meditation. The story of one such couple from Gujarat is also in this series. The couple has donated their property worth Rs 200 crores and are now preparing to become monks.

Businessman Bhavesh Bhai Bhandari, resident of Sabarkantha district of Gujarat, is going to take Jain initiation. Along with him, his wife has also decided to give up worldly attachments and become a monk. Two years ago, Bhavesh Bhai’s son and daughter had also rejected the life of luxury and taken initiation.

Bhavesh Bhai’s 16-year-old son and 19-year-old daughter had decided to take initiation two years ago to follow the path of living a simple life. After the initiation of a son and daughter in the year 2022, now Bhavesh Bhai and his wife have also decided to adopt the path of abstinence. Bhavesh Bhai Bhandari turned away from worldly attachments and donated property worth more than Rs. 200 crores. He suddenly decided to leave the building construction business in Ahmedabad and become a Dikshaarti.

Acquaintance Dilip Gandhi said that initiation has great importance in Jain society. The person taking initiation has to live his life by begging and also has to give up AC, fan, mobile, etc. Apart from this, one has to travel barefoot throughout India. This unique story of these couples is shocking their family and society. It is not at all normal that someone leave behind such a huge wealth and goes on the path of asceticism. Pradeep and Asha have also become a source of inspiration in this society.

Despite the importance of wealth and property, how important it is to follow the path of asceticism in search of the soul. In reality, satisfaction and peace are achieved only in devotion to God and in search of the soul.

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