One sided love, lover kills girl and her brother in a Temple later he committed suicide

A shocking case has come to light from Indore where a deranged lover shot dead a girl and her brother and after some time he also committed suicide. The people of the place where this incident took place are quite shocked, the police are investigating the matter and trying to find out from where the young man got the weapon.

According to the Bhanwarkuan police station, the entire matter is of the Swami Narayan temple complex. Where Sneha Jat, a resident of the Juni Indore police station area, and her brother Deepak had come to visit Swami Narayan temple. Accused Abhishek Yadav resident of Dwarkapuri also came to the temple at this time. Abhishek is originally a resident of Sehore Rehti. Abhishek loved Sneha one-sidedly.

In this connection, he had called Sneha and Deepak to meet him in the temple. All three sat and talked in the temple for a long time. During the conversation, a dispute arose between the three. The dispute escalated so much that Abhishek shot Sneha and Deepak with his pistol. Due to this both of them died on the spot.

After being shot, Abhishek got scared and started running away. As soon as he came out of the temple, the campus of Arihant College was in front and he entered that campus. After coming inside, he asked the guard for water to drink. After drinking water, he felt that he would not be safe after shooting two people, so he shot himself and committed suicide.

Sneha’s brother Deepak was studying at Arihant College. At the same time, the police are also trying to find out information about where the weapons are being deposited amid the code of conduct. How did this type of weapon reach this student and why was it not deposited? The police are also trying to find out the background of the accused student.

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