“India Zindabad…” Pakistanis shout Indian slogans, quickly check why they shouted

The Indian Navy has once again proved its respect for humanitarian values. Recently an incident has come to light in which the Indian Navy has shown amazing skill and devotion in saving the lives of Pakistani sailors. After successfully forcing 9 armed pirates to surrender, expert teams from the Indian Navy completed the cleanliness and seaworthiness check of FV Al-Kambar.

The expert team of the Indian Navy has bravely carried out the security work in the maritime area. Additionally, the crew was given a thorough medical check-up before the boat was evacuated to continue fishing activities in the offshore area. As per the Anti-Piracy Act of 2022, the nine pirates are being brought to India for further legal action.

According to the viral video, the crew comprising 23 Pakistani nationals thanked the Indian Navy and raised slogans of ‘Bharat Zindabad’ after a specialist Indian Navy team rescued them. Nine armed seamen, and completed cleanliness and seaworthiness checks of FV Al-Kambar. The crew was given a thorough medical checkup before the boat was evacuated to continue fishing activities.

The Indian Navy is an important and premier organization in the Indian Armed Forces. It is a major empire in South Asia and supports most of the trading activities due to marketing. Its main function is to protect and defend the Indian Ocean. The Indian Navy is renowned across the world for its high standards, professionalism, and selfless actions.

Through the thanks of Pakistani sailors it becomes clear that despite the controversies of the past, the sentiments of humanity are respected. This proves that the spirit of peace and cooperation has always been present in the hearts of people.

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