Anna Sharma as a multi talented beauty actress & co producer in Sweatpants Hollywood Bollywood thriller movie

USA : The gorgeous and very talented Anna Sharma a former tech in California US revealed that it was her dream to act on big screen on a project that was close to her heart as well. Anna who’s also the co producer with GlamR, Monty Sharma & Sourabh Ratnu has shown her entrepreneurial talent by joining hands with Dr Ranu Sinha who’s both director and co producer in Sweatpants.

Anna said to the press recently “ I believe that by empowering each other we rise together and am very happy to pursue my dream as an actress and producer in a beti promising movie Sweatpants “
The cast is multi cultural and theme is Bollywood she loves the concept which she has repeatedly said that is close to her heart and can change the world , Anna had great things to say about her dashing Hollywood star Ryan Campbell on this movie
The movie has main lead as Mayur Verma Jay Arora ,Dolly Hitashi & Dallas Dixon.

Anna Sharma as a multi talented beauty actress
Anna Sharma as a multi talented beauty actress

Introducing Anna Sharma ,Sapna DJ Mary Luz Arrendondo of Bay Area
Followed by confetti of stars like David Nyblom , Keyvan Hashemi, Walter Chu, Rose Hill, Shaam Singh, Jyoti Challi Robinson,Tinny Juneja and Angesom Mezgebo. The music by Monty Sharma of Gadar 2 and Sawaria fame along with lyrics by Dr Ranu Sinha is a spotlight she said. Anna thanked all the love and support by fans and audience who are eagerly awaiting for the release of Sweatpants. Stay tuned for more updates on Anna and Sweatpants thriller. To be released mid 2024.