Good news: India will soon get 100% ‘Blast-Proof’ LPG cylinders

Every problem has a solution and thanks to innovators who run several experiments day in day out only to find the feasible solution, ending the woes once and for all. Earlier, Kitchens were not too safe considering that LPG Cylinders were not blast-proof. True stories of people getting killed in LPG explosion due to leakage are many and in fact, it was one of the major drawbacks.

However, LPG cylinder blasts could soon be a setback of the past as the innovators from a private firm are all set to introduce a new type of blast-proof Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders aka composite containers in India which will be ideal for the domestic and commercial use.

Credits: The Hindu

The company claims it is a 100% blast proof LPG cylinders. The product is lightweight which is more expensive but has a longer shelf life than the traditional steel cylinders. The GoGas Elite LPG cylinders were launched by Confidence Petroleum India Limited in association Time Technoplast Limited, which is a technology-based innovative polymer product firm based in Mumbai on Tuesday.

Comparing the composite containers with the conventional steel breed, Anil Jain, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Time Technoplast Limited, said, “The cylinders manufactured by us are made up of gas fibres and weigh almost half that of the steel ones.”

The lightweight translucent cylinders are made of ‘composite material’ which possess high fire, toughness and heat resistance. They are non-corrosive, UV-protected and 100% recyclable compared to the currently used LPG cylinders.

As far as cost is concerned, the new breed will be 20 to 25 % more expensive but no worries, they have a shelf life of 20 years compared to that of steel cylinders’ with 16 years.

Speaking at the event, Nitin Khara, Chairman, Managing Director of Confidence Group, said, “The lightweight, blast-proof, rust-proof cylinders, aimed at making Indian kitchens safer, cleaner and more consumer-friendly, will be filled in 58 bottling plants to cater to the demand in 22 States.”

With a potential aim to target the middle-class-retail consumer base, GoGas Elite has smarty ideas to launch an application where consumers can easily place orders anytime without registration.

Talking about the global scenario, Mr. Jain said, “We have approval for these cylinders in 58 countries and are exporting it to over 28 worldwide. We are the first manufacturers of blast-proof composite cylinders in India and there are only three other companies worldwide manufacturing the same.”

Chaithanya G
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