Viral: Rakhi Sawant complains for not being invited to Ambani’s pre-wedding

In recent times, the pre-wedding of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant was in the news. Many big faces from all over the world came as guests to the event. But recently, an angry Rakhi Sawant released a video in which she was seen complaining to Ambani as to why he was not invited to the pre-wedding function. She also explains in detail 4 reasons why Ambani should have invited her.

According to the viral video, Rakhi Sawant says, ‘Ambani ji, why didn’t you invite me to the wedding? You don’t know that if you had invited me, I would have broken the floor. Ambani ji, you have not seen my dance yet. Rihanna, I don’t know whom you invited, let me tell you, all of them are peanuts to me. Have you seen my dance? ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’, Tuk Tuk Tujhe Dekhe, Pardesiya, I have done so many songs. But why did you still not invite me?

Ambani ji, you invited all of them by paying thousands of crores but still Rihanna came in torn clothes. And if you had invited me, I would have come wearing such hot and sexy clothes. Would have even mopped your floor with my clothes. There were 4 benefits of inviting me. I would entertain and dance, clean the utensils of all your guests after their meal, and also clean everyone’s rooms. What don’t you do? Whom have you invited after spending this thousand crore rupees? You didn’t invite Rakhi Sawant, what have you done? ,

This video of Rakhi Sawant is going viral on social media. And after watching the video, netizens trolled a lot and flooded it with many hilarious comments. One user writes, ‘Cheap publicity at not being invited.’

Another user writes, ‘A flop and a struggling actress who has no talent at all trying his very best to remain in the news.’

Another user writes, ‘They never wanted their pre-wedding bash to turn into a ‘chappri mash.’

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