Making fun of India’s PM Modi is not acceptable: says Bangladesh to Maldives

Bangladesh has always played an important role in terms of friendship and political cooperation with the entire world. Recently, the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh strongly condemned the derogatory comments against PM Modi amid the Maldives controversy and termed such comments as unacceptable. The diplomatic tension prompts a strong response from Bangladesh in defense of diplomatic dignity.

Maldives is now embarrassed on all sides after making objectionable statements about PM Modi. Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen also criticized the Maldives and said, ‘Making fun of PM Modi will not be tolerated.’ He said, ‘They are trying to make fun of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.’ I think this shows the degradation of his values because the people he is making fun of are prominent faces and we should respect them and not make fun of them.

Dr. Momen emphasized the need for mutual respect and understanding between nations, highlighting that such derogatory remarks undermine diplomatic decorum. Bangladesh’s strong stance in condemning the comments against PM Modi underscores the country’s commitment to fostering positive international relations and upholding the dignity of leaders. This diplomatic episode serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining respectful dialogue and cooperation among nations for a harmonious global community.

Three Maldivian officials made controversial comments in response to Mr Modi’s posts on X (formerly Twitter), which included photos promoting tourism in the Indian island chain of Lakshadweep. After the controversy erupted, numerous Indians on social media declared their decision to abandon their vacation arrangements in the Maldives. Subsequently, the CEO of EaseMyTrip, an Indian ticket-booking platform, revealed that the company had halted all flight reservations to the destination.

Abdulla Ghiyas, president of the Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators, said there have not been many cancellations at resorts and hotels. “But we have seen some kind of slowdown in bookings,” he said. This entire controversy has arisen at a time when Maldives President Mohammed Muizzu has set out on a state visit to Beijing. Mr Muizzu, known for his pro-China policy, has urged Beijing to send more tourists to the Maldives.

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