27 temples were destroyed for building this mosque: says KK Muhammad

A video of famous archaeologist KK Muhammed is going viral on social media in which he is claiming, that ’27 temples were demolished to build Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque near Qutub Minar in the national capital Delhi. ‘ He also points out some evidence for this claim. The claims made in the viral video are extremely surprising.

Viral video shared by Sangamtalks on YouTube. According to the video, KK Mohammed gives proof of the claims made by him and says, ‘If you still have any doubt, then go to Qutub Minar. Near Qutub Minar, there is a mosque known as Quwwat-ul-Islam. There is also an inscription, in Arabic, which says that 27 temples were destroyed to build this particular mosque called Islam. This is the strength of Islam. And there is a description. I mean, it’s in Urdu right in front of it.

He further explains, ‘There is a book in Arabic known as Taj ul-Mahsir. This is written by a contemporary historian, Hasan Nizami, in which he also states that out of the seven temples, most of the Jain temples were destroyed for its construction.’

After watching the viral video, users expressed their views and commented and many reactions came out. ,’ a Muslim youth writes, ‘I am Muslim and I am accepting this truth because I read that Arabic inscription in my own eyes he is right I feel shame about this how would someone destroy someone’s religious place and build their own it return with respect jai hind.

Another Muslim youth writes, ‘I am a Muslim too. and I have immense respect for kk Mohammad.’

Another Muslim youth writes, ‘K. K. Muhammad is a very able archaeologist. No hate from a Muslim because he is speaking the truth. Being born and brought up in a liberal Muslim family, I have got to know about the cruel atrocities of the Mughals on the innocent Hindus and Jains of that time.’

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