Street dogs severely attack a very small kid, where are dog lovers now?

A video is going viral on social media in which a minor girl was attacked by street dogs and the incident was captured on camera. An 8-year-old girl has been admitted to hospital after being mauled by three dogs at her home. This is quite a painful video. This case is not the first, many such cases have come to light before where small children have been attacked by street dogs.

The viral video is from Kerala. In the viral video, the girl has been identified as Jhanvi. 8-year-old Jhanvi was in the courtyard of her house in Mujappilangadh in Kannur district when she was attacked by three dogs. When she started screaming for help, people gathered and the dogs ran away. According to other reports, she suffered injuries to her arms and legs and has been admitted to hospital.

The viral video has been shared by Naveen KR Jindal on Twitter. However, many users are calling this video old. However, according to other reports, this video is an old video from Kerala. This video was captioned as ‘I want to ask the supporters of the street dog who is responsible for the brutality being meted out to this girl? ‘ Has been shared with this caption.

The viral video has been viewed by more than 6 thousand people. And various types of reactions have also been shared. Many people are reacting to this video by calling it an old fake. And many users are blaming the person who recorded this video because if he wanted, he could have chased away the dogs but he was more agreeable in recording the video.

A user writes, ‘It’s an old video from Kerala.’

Another user writes, ‘The person taking the video could have thrown stones and saved the girl instead of making the video. FAKE VIDEO.’

Another user wrote, ‘Beat the person who made this video first. Then to those who shared the video of this girl, where has humanity been lost over the years, why didn’t you have a conscience, animals fight with lions, you guys were not able to save this girl from 3 dogs.

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