Dubai police makes fun of Pakistani Muslims, says they are number one in wrong things

Dubai Police has recently given a controversial statement, in which they call Pakistani Muslims at the forefront of wrong actions. The statement has sparked a controversy and is facing widespread criticism and opposition on social media. This video is becoming quite viral. In this video, a Dubai officer gives his statement in Hindi language.

According to the viral video, a Dubai Police officer says, “This message is especially for Pakistani brothers. Pakistan has been at number 1 in accidents for 3 consecutive years. All the Pakistani audience starts getting happy on this and only then he says that this is someone.” It is not a matter of happiness. Pakistan is number 1 in fines, this is also not a matter of happiness. This is what we want from all of you, brothers, apply whatever kills you. Your blood is boiling, learn to control it a little. Is it right or wrong to follow the laws? “

After watching the viral video, many types of reactions of people have been seen. Many users are considering this video funny and are commenting funny. Many users are very happy with the way Dubai Police works, commenting and expressing their views, and appreciating them. The incident highlights the importance of promoting understanding and avoiding generalizations in law enforcement communication.

One user writes, “I live in Dubai and I experienced that Dubai police is workaholic and they take a sudden action for us dubai police is great police I love Dubai police.”

Another user writes, “Dubai police are the best police in the world, they will not tell in sensible or misbehave with you, even if you wrong they take it professionally. This is visible to the officer on stage.”

Another user writes, “Half of the Pakistanis must be considering the accident as excellent.”

Another user writes, “Dubai is giving us the opportunity to be a successful people and learn the professional way to live a Peaceful life.”

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