90yr old Muslim man takes away 12yr old Hindu girl: complains Hindus of Pakistan

Hindu people are subjected to extreme atrocities in Pakistan. Very worrying and disturbing incidents keep happening to Hindu people in Pakistan, due to which talks of social prosperity and tolerance have remained only in words. Even daughters of the Hindu community are not safe in Pakistan. Recently a video has been seen on social media where a 90-year-old Muslim man married a 12-year-old Hindu girl.

The Hindu Samman Foundation has shared a video featuring a Pakistani Hindu family discussing the challenges faced by Hindus in Pakistan. The video highlights concerns about the safety of Hindu girls, emphasizing that they feel vulnerable in the predominantly Muslim environment. The family expresses that Hindus in Pakistan often face difficulties, with instances of forced abductions of minor Hindu girls being a significant issue. Notably, the video mentions a disturbing incident where a 90-year-old Muslim man allegedly forced a marriage with a 12-year-old Hindu girl.

Members of the Hindu community in Pakistan do not get respect for their religious and cultural rights, and they are facing a huge loss of rights. Members of the Hindu community in Pakistan face many conflicts due to their religion and cultural identity.

The viral video has been viewed by many people so far and various reactions are coming in from the users. One Individual writes, “These families should be given asylum in India. Who knows under what circumstances they remained in Pakistan at the time of partition? They are our own.”

Another user writes, “Enough of these atrocities, now the government should strongly raise the voice of these victimized Hindus in front of the world, no matter which country the Hindu lives in.”

Another user writes, “We Hindus should be communal, unless we practice double standards, our daughters and sisters will have to face this problem.”

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