Pune: wife kills her husband over not taking her to Dubai to celebrate her birthday

For today’s generation, the craze for birthday parties and exploring new places on this day has reached a very high level. But it is not known when this hobby turns into stubbornness and then the same stubbornness turns into anger and takes very wrong steps. A recent incident is a huge proof of this. In a shocking incident in Maharashtra’s Pune, a woman allegedly punched her husband to death after he did not take her to Dubai to celebrate her birthday.

In the Viman Nagar locality of Pune, a somber incident unfolded as the life of a 36-year-old man concluded following a forceful punch to the nose committed by his wife. This unfortunate occurrence transpired on a Friday within the confines of an upscale residential complex. The individual at the center of this tragedy was identified as Nikhil Khanna, a businessman engaged in the construction sector. Nikhil had shared six years of matrimony with his wife, Renuka.

According to a high-ranking police official from the Vanavady police station, the rift between the couple intensified when Nikhil refused to join Renuka in Dubai to celebrate her birthday. Adding to the strain, he neglected to shower her with extravagant gifts on both her birthdays and anniversaries. Renuka was additionally unhappy with Nikhil for rejecting her suggestion to travel to Delhi and participate in the birthday festivities of certain relatives.

During the fight, Renuka punches Nikhil hard in the face, breaking his nose and damaging several teeth. The blow was so strong that Nikhil became unconscious due to heavy bleeding. The victim was taken to Sassoon General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead after a police team was notified by neighbors.

Police are now investigating whether the woman hit her husband with just a punch or with some object. Police also said that the exact cause of death will be known only after the autopsy. Vanavadi police later registered a case against Renuka under section 302 of the IPC and took her into custody for further investigation into the matter.

After seeing the viral post, different types of reactions are being seen from people. One user writes, “It is never one incident It is years of tolerating toxic behavior which makes the other person even bolder.”

Another user writes, “Marriage is a scam, only mother love is true rest all love relation needs and wants.”

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