Pro Khalistani singer Shubh glorifies the assassination of PM Indira Gandhi

Punjabi singer Shubh is again seen facing a new controversy. This controversy happened at a concert in London when he was performing on stage when someone threw a black hoodie at him, which he was wearing during the concert. Netizens have accused him of flaunting a hoodie with a depiction of the map of Punjab and a caricature of assassinated former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

An account named SherePanjabUK shared a video online. The caption of the video reads, “During his live show in London, singer Shubh was seen on stage promoting a hoodie that glorifies Indira Gandhi’s assassins Satwant and Beant Singh.” Shubh has been criticized for his actions.

The Canadian singer wrote a post on Instagram Story saying that he was not aware of what was written on the hoodie.

As Shubh wrote, “No matter what I do, there will always be a few people who dislike me.” A lot of clothes, jewelry, and phones were thrown away at my first show in London. I was there to perform, not to see what was thrown at me and what was on it. The team has worked very hard over the last few months to perform for you all.

The singer faced severe criticism after the video went viral, however, according to a fact check by OpIndia, the hoodie he waved on stage did not depict Indira Gandhi but had the map of Punjab on it. Districts were clearly delineated. However, the depiction clearly resembled a pro-Khalistani hoodie. Akaal Clothing, a hoodie manufacturing label, also shared Shubh’s video on its social media handle to falsely promote its products. Her caption read, “Shubh x Akaal. 31/10.”

Actress Kangana Ranaut reshared a tweet condemning Shubh and calling Indira Gandhi’s assassination a “cowardly murder of an old lady”. She became the victim of false claims that the singer was promoting merchandise during the concert. She criticized Shubh and wrote that she should be ashamed for glorifying an attack on an elderly woman “who was unarmed and unaware”.

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