ISIS Jihadists seen selling women of different religions

A video on social media is gaining widespread attention and causing shock among viewers. The video depicts a distressing situation involving individuals associated with a jihadist group. The group also includes women who are being held against their will and subjected to exploitation in various markets.

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is a well-known terrorist organization that has committed numerous atrocities, including acts of violence, kidnappings, and enslavement, as described in the message. It has been designated as a terrorist group by multiple countries and international organizations.

According to the viral video and its information, people of the ISIS jihadist group are gathering groups of women and selling them in slavery markets. Online sources indicate that these are Yazidi women, and similarly, Yazidi women are sold and raped in slave markets around the world.

According to the viral video, “A man wearing a black kurta jacket with a scarf tied on his head brings five women tied with a chain, all of whom are Yazidis. All the women are wearing burqas.” The man brings forward one of those women whose face is also covered with a burqa and a large crowd of people is gathered around. Similarly, Yazidi women are sold in slavery markets.

According to online sources, information has been received that now more than 7 thousand women have been kidnapped and raped. And more than 2 thousand Yazidi women are missing. Many such videos have gone viral before in which such information is given. This is a very shocking matter. Yazidi women have to face extreme cruelty.

This video has been shared by Azzat AlSalim on X (Formerly Twitter). This video has been watched by approximately 200k people and after watching the video, different types of reactions are coming out from the people. One user writes, “Maybe it’s time to bring back the British Empire and enforce rule and laws.”

Another writes, “This is the Future of the world.”

Another user writes, “Why was there no intervention from the UN? No wonder Israel has taken matters into its own hands”.

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