“Plastic surgery gone wrong” – User trolls Kiara Advani, she gave a Bang-on reply!

Plastic surgery is one of the most common surgical operations done in today’s world. Before we get into this topic, let’s learn what is plastic surgery in general. It is nothing but a surgical speciality having the restoration or alteration of the body. There have been several celebrities across the world who have changed dramatically after plastic surgery.

For the uninitiated, the surgery can be divided into two types names reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. If a person wants to restore or reconstruct a part of the human body or to enhance functioning, then they go through reconstructive surgery.

"Plastic surgery gone wrong" - User trolls Kiara Advani, she gave a Bang-on reply!

Majority of the people have gone through cosmetic surgery only to change their appearance. King of Pop and famous star Michael Jackson changed drastically after plastic surgery.

Even plastic surgery was carried out by Indians, as early as 2000 BCE. The surgeon Sushruta Samhita played a major role in contributing to this technique. Today, modern surgery is only possible owing to the discovery of anaesthesia and the prevention of body infection.

Bollywood celebrities love to alter their appearances to look fabulous on screen. They are quite bold and not afraid to go under the knife. Some of these surgeries even cost a fortune but our famous superstars do not want to lag in the limelight.

Case in point, Kiara Advani is one of the most glamorous actresses in Bollywood at present. Her performance in Kabir Singh has been appreciated a lot. Every producer and director wants to cast her in their movies.

Kiara recently appeared for the launch of MXS, a brand owned by Monisha Jaisingh and Shweta Bachchan Nanda. Her photos went viral on the internet. Meanwhile, some of the netizens trolled the actress by saying ‘cheek job is not on point’ while others added that she was looking ‘awful’ and ‘terrible’.

In reply to all the online speculations, Kiara came up with a befitting reply. She said that the reason for the conjectured cheeks is the tasty biriyani that she had the night before.

“Wow just reading these comments!! Calm down peeps don’t jump to conclusions. You might not fancy the cheeks but it was no doctor just some yummy biryani from the night before,” she said.

Kiara Advani responds to Trolls accusing her of undergoing Plastic treatment