2K kids were unlucky not to taste these items, ’90s kids had awesome life

Isn’t it a great feeling when you taste some delicious food items to satisfy taste buds? Trying a variety of snacks is indeed every foodie’s dream because they possess a sharp distinctive feeling for taste. Foodies love to have a crunch in every bite that they take.

Let’s take a look at the 10 superfood items that every 90’s kid loved eating!

10. Icy Pepsi Sticks

Credits: IndiaMART

Right after school hours, kids would rush to the shops to try these icy Pepsi sticks, in what was a golden memory. It comes in a different set of flavours and every 90s kid must have had tasted all of the flavours at the best scene.

9. Cheetos Whoosh

Credits: Popsup.com

Cheetos was a better snack option to moms across India who were always concerned about what their children eat during the breaks at school.

8. Perk

Credits: Google

Chocolate Wafer is always a tasty snack and Perk lived up to kids’ expectations at that time. It comes in 2 types- Perk and Perk XL.

7. Big Babol

Credits: Amazon

Big Babol has been the best ever chewing gum available in the market. Those days, children and youth would try it, especially while playing cricket.

6. Boost Biscuits

Credits: YouTube

Who wouldn’t say NO to these biscuits? These crunchy biscuits were considered as ‘cookies’ by the 90’s kids. Boost biscuits are the most underrated biscuits of all time.

5. Eclairs

Credits: Culture Bowl

Do you remember giving these chocolates to your friends on your birthday? It is the most delicious and cheapest chocolate available in the market with each costing just 50 paise.

4. Parle G

Credits: Amazon

Wow! Almost everyone knows about this tasty biscuit which markets its product as ‘Parle G- G for Genius’. When served with tea or coffee makes a perfect combination. One can’t deny the fact that it is the most loved biscuit brand in the country and it is available in every retail store even now. It is widely sold in India because it costs Rs.5 and it is easily affordable.

3. Maa

Credits: IndiaMART

Frooty means a lot to 2K kids likewise Maa means a lot to 90’s kids. When they were thirsty, the majority of the kids would prefer to drink Maa, especially during Summer season.

2. Milo

Credits: FoodNavigator-Asia.com

Boost may be the secret of our energy but Milo stands out as the best energy drink among the youth and children. Milo is tastier than Boost without any second thought. When purchased, Milo offered the customers a quality bat and ball for absolutely free of cost. Not only will it be known for its delicious taste but will also be known for making 90’s kids days awesome.

1. Cadbury Bytes

Credits: IndiaMART

It is one of a kind snack! Known to be everyone’s favourite snack, it just melts in your mouth. It comes in three flavours- chocolate, coffee and caramel.