List of India’s most expensive houses- check out their prices and photos

In India, homes hold profound significance, embodying personal needs, dreams, and social status. They represent both comfort and wealth. This article highlights some incredibly expensive and luxurious houses in India. These residences stand as remarkable examples of opulence and value.

Antilia – Mukesh Ambani’s Grand Abode

Topping our list is Antilia, owned by Mukesh Ambani, the head of Reliance Industries. This architectural masterpiece isn’t just the priciest home in India but stands among the world’s most expensive residences. With its address on Mumbai’s Altamount Road, one of the costliest locales, Antilia is a 27-story skyscraper soaring 568 feet high. Crafted by esteemed architects Will and Perkins, it boasts 9 high-speed elevators, 3 helipads, a movie theater, gym, and even an ice cream parlor. Not to mention the 80-seat cinema, a sprawling swimming pool, and earthquake-resistant design. An estimated cost of ₹6,000 to ₹12,000 crores adds to its allure.

JK House – Gautam Singhania’s High-Rise Retreat

Gautam Singhania, the Raymond Group chairman, owns the JK House, situated on the same illustrious street as Antilia. With a value of around ₹6,000 crores, this 30-story marvel offers contemporary living spaces, two pools, and five levels of parking for top-tier automobiles. A helipad, spa, gym, and entertainment facilities complete the luxurious experience.

Mannat – Shah Rukh Khan’s Regal Haven

Shah Rukh Khan’s abode, Mannat, graces the upscale Bandra area in Mumbai. Meaning “will” or “aspiration,” Mannat symbolizes cultural significance for the actor’s family. Designed by his wife, Gauri Khan, an esteemed interior designer, and Kaif Fakih, this bungalow spans multiple floors, boasting a library, cinema theater, studio, gym, and pool. With an estimated worth of ₹200 crores, Mannat truly captures the essence of opulence.

Abode – Anil Ambani’s Exquisite Residence

Anil Ambani’s “abode” stands as a testament to luxury, spanning 16,000 square feet in Mumbai’s Pali Hill. Valued at ₹5,000 crores, this 17-story haven offers amenities reminiscent of a seven-star hotel: spa, gym, swimming pool, and more. Its grandeur is accentuated by elegant architecture and an abundance of natural light.

Jalsa – Amitabh Bachchan’s Celebratory Dwelling

Amitabh Bachchan’s elegant home, “Jalsa,” in Mumbai’s Juhu area, spreads across 10,123 square feet. Gifted to him after a film collaboration, Jalsa has witnessed the making of iconic Bollywood films. Reflecting an estimated worth of ₹120 crores, it exudes regal charm with lush gardens, chandeliers, and a cherished history.

Jatia House – KM Birla’s Seaside Retreat

Overlooking the sea in Malabar Hill, Jatia House is KM Birla’s sanctuary. With gardens, courtyards, and 20 bedrooms, it’s a space for gatherings of up to 700 people. The valuation stands at ₹2.425 crores, echoing the magnificence seen in movies.

Ratan Tata’s Retirement Oasis

Ratan Tata’s retirement home, perched in Colaba with a view of the Arabian Sea, spans 7 stories and offers amenities like a gym, media room, and sun deck for 50. The worth of this white bungalow is estimated at ₹150 crores.

Jindal House – Sajjan Jindal’s Architectural Marvel

Sajjan Jindal’s impressive residence is located in Delhi’s Lutyens Bungalow Zone, spread over 3 acres. With an estimated cost of ₹120 to ₹150 crores, it stands as a remarkable structure in the heart of the city.

Ruia House – Essar Group’s Lavish Mansion

The Ruia brothers’ mansion on Tees January Marg showcases elegance with a valuation of ₹120 crores. Owned by the Essar Group, it spans 2.24 acres and is a marvel in Delhi.

Sky House – Vijay Mallya’s Sky-High Penthouse

Vijay Mallya’s “White House in the Sky” crowns a 35-story skyscraper in Bengaluru. Priced at ₹100 crores, it spans 40,000 square feet and features an infinity pool and a 360-degree viewing platform.

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