Jat king Suraj Mal defeated Mughal empire, forced them to pay war experiences

Who is king Suraj Mal?

The stories of many great warriors and kings hold an important place in Indian history, and one of them was the great warrior and king – Jat Raja Suraj Mal. He displayed his courage and warrior prowess against the Mughal Empire and after defeating the Mughals demanded a tribute from them. This great warrior was very courageous and shrewd, made his mark as a warrior from childhood, and tried to strengthen his army.

Right from the beginning of medieval history, the Jat community has always fought against the invaders and in many cases put up fierce resistance to them. For example, when Mahmud of Ghazni plundered the Somnath temple, he faced stiff resistance from the Jats on his return journey.

Life of Suraj Mal

Maharaja Surajmal was born in 1707. King Surajmal’s name is taken with great pride for giving a befitting reply to the invasion of the Mughals. The story of the victory of Jat King Surajmal inspires us with his courage, warrior tenacity, and patriotism. He won against the Mughal Empire by using his mighty army and war strategies. His contribution will remain permanently in the pages of Indian history.

Despite 13 attempts to penetrate the fort, Surajmal’s Lohagarh fortress was impenetrable. The walls of this fort made of mud were made so thick that even thick cannon balls could never cross them. The only impregnable fortress in the country. At that time Jat power was at its peak due to the status of Suraj Mal. The Mughals and Marathas took strategic help from Suraj Mal on many occasions. Jat power has been going on in India since history itself.

Surajmal’s greatness is symbolized by his victory saga, in which he demonstrates his indomitable courage toward the Mughal Empire. He won the battle of Talikot in which victory was achieved in alliance with the Vijayanagara Empire. Under his leadership, the Jat community defeated many invaders and demonstrated their strength. His fighting skills and political intelligence earned him a permanent place as a great warrior and king. Even after Surajmal, the Jat community continues to play a significant role in the pages of Indian history through its warriors, who are revered as symbols of patriotism, courage, and dedication.

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