The cruellest punishments in mankind history- check out this quick list

In the pages of history, there were some countries where death punishments were so brutal that they crossed all boundaries of humanity. These punishments included execution, and lifelong imprisonment, and were different from the conventional methods.

According to Adventure World, in countries like China, Africa, and India, criminals were subjected to punishment through rodents, elephants, and other animals.

When criminals were punished, it served as entertainment for the people. Crimes could take various forms, including raising voices against the injustice of the monarchy. Let’s delve into detail about these punishments.

Iron Chair Torture:

Those criminals who managed to hide their crimes were subjected to this torture to extract confessions. This method of punishment is both dangerous and inhumane. It was a chair with small and large spikes placed behind and on the armrests.

The spikes were heated until they became red-hot, and they would begin to burn and cook the person’s body who was seated on the chair. The person would be kept on the chair until they confessed the truth. If the individual was innocent, they would be released.

Brazen Bull:

In ancient Greece, this method of punishment was not only dangerous but also horrifying. It consisted of a large bronze bull that could open up from its back. The criminal would be captured and placed inside the bull, and then the fire would be set underneath, causing the bull to heat up.

The bull had a device inside its mouth that would produce musical sounds similar to the screams of the person burning. The smoke that arose from the burning body had a foul smell, so a perfumed scent was used to mask it.

The person who invented this method, the great artist Perillos, presented it to the king, thinking he would be rewarded. However, the king first had Perillos placed inside the bull, and when he started to die, the king released him. But immediately after being released, the king ordered Perillos to be executed.

Rat Torture:

This punishment originated in the 17th century in Rome and was initiated by Diederik Sonoy. It involved using rats in a highly dangerous manner. The criminal would be tied to a bench, and their hands and feet would be secured.

Then, a metal cage with rats inside it would be placed on the person’s stomach. A burning hot pot would be placed on top of the cage, causing the cage to heat up and the rats to become agitated. In such a situation, the rat would start gnawing at the person’s body in an attempt to escape.

Milk and Honey Scrub Torture:

Under this punishment, the criminal would be placed in a boat with another boat covering it. The criminal’s head, as well as their hands and feet, would protrude from the cover.

They would be exposed to the sunlight. Afterwards, honey and milk would be poured on them, causing the person’s body to become sticky and attracting insects. The insects would start to bite and feed on the criminal’s body due to the sweetness of the milk and honey.

Please note that these punishments were extremely cruel and inhumane, and they reflect a darker side of history.

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