S*x videos of 5,000 girls of Pakistan’s university leaked, drug recovered from the campus

A shocking case has emerged from Pakistan’s Islamia University, alleging a drugs and sex scandal. The scandal reportedly involves not only students but also prominent figures, including a retired Major and the son of a Union Minister.

In Pakistan’s Bahawalpur Islamia University, a major scandal unfolded as authorities seized obscene videos of 5000 students, including explicit content and WhatsApp chats. This shocking incident involving drugs and sex has caused widespread uproar. Additionally, the discovery of videos showing girl students addicted to drugs has added to the controversy. The police were able to recover the incriminating footage from the university staff. Moreover, during this time, an earthquake struck Pakistan, compounding the situation further.

There is suspicion that the mastermind behind this case is the son of the Central Minister, Chaudhary Tarik Bashir Chima. It has been revealed that he was involved in a drug racket. It is believed that due to these drugs, hundreds of female students studying at the Islamic University are falling into a sexual frenzy. Aphrodisiac pills and drugs were also recovered from top security officer Major Ijaz Shah. Additionally, they discovered explicit video recordings involving individuals affiliated with IUB (Indiana University Bloomington), including students and staff members. Minister Cheema seems to have put in a lot of effort to protect his son. The police constituted in five teams, carried out the investigation in the university. Hundreds of adult obscene videos were found in the investigation. University security officer Ijaz has been taken into custody.

Amber Zaidi, a Pakistani Twitter user, shares a video expressing concerns about the deteriorating environment in educational institutions. She urges parents to ensure their children study from home due to disturbing incidents. Amber reveals that hostels are witnessing alarming instances of exploitation, including the creation of obscene videos, substance abuse, and blackmailing. She emphasizes that the focus on education has been overshadowed by these deplorable acts. Her advice serves as a wake-up call for parents to safeguard their children’s education and well-being in the face of the unsettling situation prevailing in educational settings.

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