Police arrested a gang of 5 Muslim youths who stole Mobile phones of Kawariyas

During the Kavariya Shobha Yatra, a distressing incident of phone theft came to light, which was reported to the police by the Kavaris themselves. The Muzaffarnagar police in Uttar Pradesh took immediate action and managed to apprehend the culprits involved. The incident occurred on 19th July 2023, and it was revealed that the accused were disguising themselves as Kavaris to carry out their nefarious activities.

The Civil Line Police Station of Muzaffarnagar conducted a successful operation under the leadership of ASP City to address the issue. The gang of thieves specifically targeted Kanwariyas who had come from various places and were staying at the Kanwar camps in the district. These criminals managed to steal over 100 mobile phones before being caught.

The five accused involved in the theft have been identified as Mohd Bhura, Mohd Ali, Irshad, Shahzad, and Abid, all residents of Muzaffarnagar. Upon investigation, it was discovered that some of them had a history of criminal activities. The police teams diligently tracked down the accused and managed to recover all 100 stolen mobile phones, valued at around 10 lakhs, from their possession.

According to the officer, on inquiry and after checking the history of criminal records, it was found that some of these accused have similar cases registered earlier also. And all these accused are residents of Muzaffarnagar. All 100 phones recovered from them will be produced before the court. Many people did not register a complaint about this, but their phones were also included in this, which have been recovered.

He further said it becomes so difficult to identify these accused because they sometimes carry out this crime in the guise of Kawariya. That’s why it becomes very difficult to identify them.

The police have urged the public to remain vigilant during such festivals and report any suspicious activities immediately. The successful operation by the Muzaffarnagar police sets an example of swift action and cooperation between law enforcement and the public to tackle such crimes effectively.

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