20yr old Rajkumar stabbed a dozen times, his throat slit for loving a Muslim girl

New Delhi: A horrifying and shameful case has emerged from New Delhi, involving the brutal murder of a 20-year-old boy. The victim, Raj Kumar, was killed with more than a dozen stab wounds, a crime so heinous that it left no clues behind.

Today’s generation, particularly those aged 15 to 20 unknowingly commit some such mistakes, the result of which proves to be very bad. Unfortunately, the same happened with Raj Kumar. One small mistake and he is no more.

Raj Kumar’s murder due to inter-religious relations-

Raj Kumar was in a relationship with a girl from another religion. When the girl’s relatives discovered this, as soon as they saw the possibility, and killed Raj Kumar. They slashed his throat repeatedly with a knife, causing his immediate death. For a few days, no one came to know about this incident and it remained a mystery as the identity of the deceased could not be ascertained.

Incriminating evidence against the accused-

After a few days, the police got some clues, with the help of CCTV footage and an information network. and reached Ashfaq and Meraj, who were arrested from Zakhira in North Delhi. They allegedly took Raj Kumar to Shehzada Park on July 2 on the pretext of settling the case and killed him.

Two teams were formed for the investigation of the case-

According to DCP (North) Sagar Singh Kalsi, the police become aware of the matter on July 3, after a body was found lying near a park in North Delhi’s Indralok. The body was hidden inside the bushes, which looked to be 20 to 22 years old. However, no such clue or any document or cell phone was found near the dead body. An FIR was registered and two teams were formed and an investigation was started. While one team was working to identify the deceased, the other team was searching for clues to the murder.

DCP (North) Sagar Singh said that the case had become extremely difficult and challenging as there was no CCTV camera at the place where the body of the deceased was found. Also, the time of the murder was unclear, so the CCTV footage of all the exits around the crime scene was closely watched. Finally, the deceased was identified as Raj Kumar, who hailed from Araria in Bihar and lived in North Delhi. The footage also captured the movements of the two suspects around the crime scene.

The police distributed all the shoes found on the ground and activated the information network. Eventually, an individual recognized both suspects and assisted in their apprehension. During interrogation, the accused admitted to their involvement in the crime, revealing that Raj Kumar had been in a relationship with a close relative of Ashfaq. So, he planned this massacre. They also knew that Kumar rarely comes to his residence and if he goes missing, no one is going to report him and the body will remain unidentified. Two knives used in the crime were recovered, and the blood-stained clothes of the accused had also been found.

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