Yadav ji charms a Muslim girl, she leaves Islam, and worships Lord Hanuman for him

Love Jihad cases continue to emerge every day, where Muslim boys deceive Hindu girls with their fake love and exploit them in various ways or even kill them after using them in every possible manner.

But recently such a case is being seen in which a Hindu boy trapped a Muslim girl in his love and then he left her. The boy’s name is Shailesh Yadav. And it has also been claimed that the Muslim girl converted to Hinduism as well. Its video is also going viral on social media.

After converting to Islam, the girl reportedly changed her name to Muskaan. She admits that after meeting Shailesh, she converted to another faith. The girl used to pray five times a day before she converted, and now that she is Hindu, she also goes to temples to worship. Shailesh had no issues with the girl’s prior marriage and kid.

The Muslim woman left her first husband and child without any remorse because she did not like her husband at all. And now, Shailesh has also made the same mistake that Muskaan made with her husband. Muskaan angrily threatens that Shailesh cannot belong to anyone else, and if he does not belong to her, she will kill Shailesh and then herself.

Muskaan met Shailesh in Purnia village in Bihar, where Shailesh worked as a JCB driver. Their conversation started from there, and in pursuit of fake love, Shailesh took Muskaan away from her home and married her in a distant temple in the presence of his sister.

They have been married for 7-8 years and have a son too. However, Due to the affair of both of them, the future of the child has become bad financially and emotionally. In the video, the child says that he misses his father a lot but his father’s family does not allow him to come. to their love affair, the poor child’s future has been ruined.

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