Uttarakhand: 8 monkeys die after consuming mangos in Garden, police arrest Muhammad Irfan and his 7 friends for mixing poison in fruit

In Kashipur, the police have solved the case of monkey deaths. Monkeys were poisoned to save mangoes in the grove. In this case, a total of 9 culprits have been Arrested. Their names are Jan Mohammad, Inamuddin, Chote Khan, Imran, Afzal, Anwar, Iqrar, Nadeem, and Mubarik. The dead bodies of 8 monkeys were discovered by women who visited the garden on Sunday (June 18, 2023).

According to media reports, the incident took place in the ITI police station area of Kashipur. This is a mango orchard owned by Sandeep Sharma from Delhi. Two years ago, Sandeep had given the lease of this orchard to Jan Mohammad from Bareilly district. Currently, Jan Mohammad resides at Jaitpura Farm in Kashipur. He had also employed Inamuddin, Chote Khan, Imran, Afzal, Anwar, Iqbal, Nadeem, and Mubarak for work in the orchard.

According to DSP Vandana Sharma, the accused revealed during interrogation that they were facing losses in their business after monkeys caused damage in the mango orchard. To get rid of the monkeys, the accused allegedly administered poisonous drugs to the mangoes. As a result, 8 monkeys died. After that, the accused dug a pit and buried the monkey bodies in the cartons of mangoes, covering them with leaves.

It is being reported that when some women came to cut grass in the grove on Sunday, they found the dead bodies of monkeys in one place. The news quickly spread to the surrounding people, and they gathered at the location expressing anger and demanding strict action against the accused. The police were informed about the incident, and they arrived at the spot, took custody of the monkey bodies, and sent them for post-mortem. Meanwhile, a case was registered, and an investigation was initiated. The groove contractor and his associates were reached for an inquiry, which disclosed the whole truth.

The police have also found hazardous drug bottles lying in the mango orchard, which have been taken into custody. The arrested criminals have confessed to the police about giving poison to the monkeys. The police have charged all 9 criminals under the Wildlife Protection Act, Wildlife Cruelty Act, and Section 295-A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), and they have been sent to prison. It is also said that the orchard owner, Sandeep Sharma, will also face charges under the police act.”

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