Couple sells food outside the Railway station only to help maid’s family

A lovely couple with a good heart sets up a food stall outside Kandivali station in Mumbai every morning and it is quite an interesting story. The couple sells food from 4 am to 10 am and then they go to work. Both of them are MBA graduates with good jobs.

The main reason why these MBA graduates are selling food outside the railway station will melt your heart. A woman identified as Deepali Bhatia took to Facebook to share the story of Ashwini Shenoy Shah and her husband.

On the morning of Gandhi Jayanti, Bhatia was on a search for some good food to fill her tummy and it was when she came across Shah’s stall. The couple was selling snacks like pohey (poha), Upma, paratha and idli.

When Bhatia had enquired why they were selling food on the road, she was actually thrilled and her heart melted after she came to know about this story.

The couple was selling food each morning before office schedule only to help out their 55-year-old maid whose husband had been paralysed. The food that they were selling was cooked by the maid. They were extending their contribution to help and support their cook in this crisis so that at this age she doesn’t have to run for financial assistance.

Bhatia tagged the as couple “Super Heroes” who think and care a lot for others than for themselves.

The Facebook post start doing rounds the moment it was posted online. Here are some of the best reactions:

A user wrote, “It needs a lot of courage and a pure heart to do such things.” While another noted, “Some heroes don’t wear cape. Hats off to their humanity and family values.”

A third user said, “Isko bolte hai…. Insaniyat (This is called Humanity).” Yet another added, “Inspiring and motivating to impart our little kindness inside us…”