All the freedom fighters and Jawans will go to Hell: says this Indian Muslim

For Muslims, is it country first or Islam? If non-Muslim freedom fighters or army personnel die in the fight against terrorism, will they go to heaven or hell? In a live debate on Sahil’s YouTube channel, a Muslim Indian participates, who prioritizes the country over Islam. They don’t care about those who sacrifice their lives to protect them or the country; according to them, such martyrs go to hell, not heaven.

In the video, ex-Muslim Sahil asks an Indian Muslim guy, ‘If non-Muslim Indian fighters and soldiers die in a terrorist attack, will they go to heaven or hell?’ The Muslim youth responds that they will all go to hell, and they deserve to. This means that they don’t care about anyone who is safeguarding them and the country; Islam is teaching them this. According to them, Islam comes before the country. And there is nothing wrong with this; it is the belief of all Muslims.

It is a matter of great sorrow that in the country where you were born, the country that adopted you, the country whose food you ate, you have such wrong thoughts and mentality about the martyred soldiers of that same country. According to the Muslim youth, it’s not just the Indian Army, but anyone who worships someone other than Allah will go to hell.

Soldiers, regardless of their religious beliefs, play a crucial role in maintaining peace, and security, and protecting the citizens of their respective countries. They demonstrate immense bravery, sacrifice, and dedication in safeguarding their nation and its people.

It is unfortunate that, according to the Muslim guy in the video, there seems to be a lack of appreciation and respect for the sacrifices made by soldiers, including those belonging to different religions. In any society, it is crucial to have respect, understanding, and the development of shared structures for all individuals. Recognizing the contributions of people from different religions, castes, and cultures strengthens the foundation of a nation and promotes collective cooperation.

According to the video, before the issue of CAA-NRC arose, no Muslim had ever seen the Indian flag in their hands. When the CAA-NRC issue came up, even the Constitution began to have the courage to support them.”

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