Congratulations! Three thousand ton gold found in UP, along with many other rare minerals

A major revelation has emerged from the Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh, India, stating that approximately 3,650 tons of gold reserves have been found there. This important news has been confirmed by the Geological Survey of India and the Directorate of Mines.

The discovery of this treasure came to light after extensive efforts by researchers. Along with gold, other valuable minerals have also been found in this mine. The total amount of gold in this mine is 3,650,000 kilograms. This information has been obtained from the Department of Geology.

Is there really 14,727 trillion worth of gold in the forest?

To put it into perspective, the Reserve Bank of India holds around 12,105 trillion worth of gold, which is significantly less compared to the gold found in a forest in Uttar Pradesh. It is often heard that gold is found in mines and is difficult to obtain even after tremendous effort.

Where exactly was this gold found?

It was found in the Sonbhadra district, where a vast deposit of gold has been discovered on Hardei Hill. The presence of large gold deposits in this region has been confirmed by the Geological Survey of India. The Department of Geology has verified that approximately 3,650 tons of gold are present here.

The Department of Mines has also confirmed its existence. Aerial surveys have been conducted to locate gold and other mineral resources in the area. Therefore, it is certain that gold is present here. The Department of Geology has been working hard for several years to identify gold and other mineral resources.

A report was submitted by the Geological Department team 15 years ago in 2005, highlighting the presence of gold in Sonbhadra, which was further confirmed in 2012. However, no action was taken in that direction until now. But now, the Yogi government has initiated the process of allocating mines for gold in this area.

A team of 7 members has been formed through e-tendering for the auction of these gold mines. The Department of Geology and the Mines Department are working together to conduct geo-tagging. A report on this will be sent to the Directorate of Geology and Mining in Lucknow by February 22. These mines have been divided into several blocks, and an investigation is being conducted to determine the land ownership in terms of revenue and the Forest Department. After that, the auction process will begin.

“The discovery of several valuable minerals along with gold”

Significant success has been achieved in a hilly region of the country. Along with gold, several other valuable minerals have been found here. Potash, iron, bauxite, and coal are among these minerals. According to reports, the presence of uranium is also likely in this area. The Department of Geology is conducting investigations to confirm the presence of uranium through aerial surveys.

The discovery of these minerals, along with the 14,727 trillion worth of gold is important news.

After mining these resources, the government will generate significant revenue, which can also be used to improve people’s lives. According to the Department of Geology, there are approximately 3,650 tons (36,500,000 kilograms) of gold. The value of gold is ₹40,350 per 10 grams. This means that the value of gold per kilogram is ₹1,000,000. Therefore, the total value of 3,650,000 kilograms of gold is ₹14,770.27 trillion. However, these figures are based solely on estimates from the Department of Geology.

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