“Tortured by her in-laws, Bihar girl becomes police inspector to save other girls”

In our country, women have proven again and again that with courage and hard work, even the biggest troubles become small. And today, we introduce you to an example of such bravery. This is the story of Beauty Kumari, who hails from Purnia. In 2008, Beauty got married while she was in her second year of graduation.

Despite becoming a mother of two children, she managed to complete her studies amidst the responsibilities of her family. Her husband and in-laws, meanwhile, continued to torture her. But Beauty is no longer a victim; she has cleared the Bihar Police Subordinate Services Commission examination and become Deputy Beauty Kumari.

The journey from being an oppressed daughter-in-law to becoming a police officer was not easy for Beauty Kumari, who resides in the Badihat area of Purnia. Even in the midst of difficulties, she did not give up and remembers the days when, like other girls, she dreamed of staying with her life partner for seven lifetimes.

However, within a year, her happiness was snatched away. In 2009, after giving birth to a son, and in 2010, to a daughter, her husband started showing his true character. Her husband and in-laws started to molest her every day. The situation worsened to the extent that every month, Beauty had to rely on her parents for financial support for her children’s upbringing. Even when faced with physical abuse, Beauty did not lose hope. In 2013, her husband filed for divorce in the Bandra Court. She fought the case with the help of her family but faced numerous challenges.

After three years, in 2015, her husband’s plans for divorce fell through. However, during this time, Beauty realized that education was the only option through which she could change her fate. Determined to achieve her goals, she continued her preparation for the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) examination.

She cleared the preliminary exam on her first attempt. However, due to pressure from her husband and in-laws, she couldn’t appear for the main exam. Beauty reveals that after this, she completely shattered. But her brother and local people continued to support and encourage her. Despite the atrocities of her in-laws, Beauty persevered in her preparation for the Bihar Police Subordinate Services Commission examination.

And now, Beauty Kumari has waved her flag high by clearing the Bihar Police Subordinate Services Commission examination. Today, her relatives and those who know her are proud of her. Beauty says that it is crucial for girls to complete their education no matter what the circumstances may be. Being self-dependent is extremely important for girls.

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