“Wife kills her own husband for her boyfriend, both used chemicals to decompose the body”

A shocking incident of brutality has come to light in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district. On Saturday night, an explosion occurred at the residence of businessman Sunil Sharma in the Balughat area of the Town police station.

The blast took place in the room of Subhash Kumar, a tenant residing on the upper floor of a three-story building. According to the police investigation, a woman was trying to dispose of her husband’s body using chemicals. The explosion happened during this process, and her lover was also involved.

According to the cops, the woman’s name is Radha. She murdered her husband, Rakesh Sahni, in her flat with the help of her partner, Subhash. The body was cut into eight pieces and kept in a drum. To dissolve the body, urea, salt, and acid were added to the drum.

Clothes were stuffed in the windows and doors to prevent any odour from escaping the room. Every night, incense was burned outside the room’s door. Over a span of four days, due to the decomposition caused by urea, sulfuric acid, and salt, ammonium nitrate gas was generated. The explosion occurred due to the contact between this gas and the burning incense stick. However, the SFL team claims that the complete truth will only be exposed after the examination and analysis of the chemicals.

Meanwhile, the police believe that Rakesh’s murder must have been committed while he was unconscious. Before the incident occurred, he may have been drugged. Once he was unconscious, he was strangled with sand. The police have registered an FIR for the murder based on the statement given by Rakesh’s brother, Dinesh Sahni.

The FIR names Radha (Rakesh’s wife), Subhash (the lover), Radha’s sister-in-law Krishna Devi, and her husband named Vikas. Dinesh informed the police that Rakesh had been missing from home for six days. Dinesh’s wife went to search for Rakesh and arrived at the room in Balughat. There, Radha, Rakesh’s wife, convinced Dinesh’s wife to return by entangling her in conversation.

The police state that Rakesh’s body was cut into at least eight pieces. Afterwards, it was placed in a drum. However, only one knife was found in the room. The police suspect that the murder weapon was hidden after the incident. Since the incident, every accused person has vanished. A 21-person team has been assembled by SSP Jayakant to apprehend them.

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