Murderers cut 19yr old girl into pieces while she was alive, pack it in two bags

Cops stated on Sunday that the arrest of two youths had put an end to the brutal killing case of a 19-year-old law student, whose body was apparently dissected while she was still alive.

Lucknow-born 19-year-old girl was studying law. She left her home for some work but after that, she disappears. Within 24 hours of her disappearance, two bags containing the chopped body of a girl had been discovered at two differentplaces in Lucknow. The deceased body belonged to the same law student, Gauri Srivastava. The post-mortem exposes that the criminals chopped Gauri into pieces while she was alive, then they roamed around the city bravely with those body parts.

The girl’s head, torso, abdomen, and limbs were all dumped apart. The crime was discovered, when people observed dogs sniffing gunny bags containing the body parts.

Lucknow cops found anything after their inquiry, is the only CCTV footage. This is an area of Lucknow shown in the CCTV footage. Gauri is seen alive in this footage for the last time, just a few hours before she passes away. This CCTV footage demonstrates that she is being followed by some boys. Gauri is typing on her phone, then she goes on a bike with a boy. However, the camera is unable to capture the bike’s license plate. Moreover, Gauri goes missing on the 1st of February. Gauri’s parents also reported this to the police.

On February 2, at around seven in the morning, cops receive an unexpected report that a gunny bag covered in blood is lying on the martyr’s path in Lucknow. When the police arrive at the scene and open the gunny bag, they are astonished. The gunny bag contained the two severed legs of Gauri.

According to DGP Arvind Kumar Jain, Himanshu Prajapati and his companion Anuj Kumar Gautam were both taken into custody late on Saturday night. On the afternoon of February 1, Himanshu picked up Gauri on his bike and brought her to his house, where he was by himself that day since his family had left for Mumbai. He investigated the girl’s WhatsApp account at his house and discovered some of the photographs and messages she had sent and received from another male friend.

He became furious and attempted to choke her with his hands. When she became unconscious, the accuser reportedly panicked and went off to get drunk with his friend Anuj Gautam, according to Jain.

Himanshu, who had Gauri’s phone, answered a call and informed the caller that he was at Eco Park as Gauri’s relatives continued to contact her number. According to the police, Himanshu later informed Gauri’s family that he would be taking her to SGPGI since she had become ill.

After that, Himanshu went back to Telibagh and bought three jute bags and a hand cutter. Her torso was kept in a gunny bag, and her legs, head, and hands were put together in three jute sacks. He also sliced her body into four pieces. To dispose of the body pieces at various locations along a canal in the SGPGI area, he made multiple loops on his bike.

“The accused told us that he found the body warm when he started to cut it,” Jain stated in response to the autopsy finding that hemorrhage was the cause of death. She might have still been alive at the time.

The DGP stated that although Anuj Gautam has not been implicated in the homicide, it is believed that he was aware of the occurrence.

The accused would be placed in detention for additional investigation, according to the DGP. He claimed that the accused had many pieces of evidence taken from him, including the girl’s cell phone, jacket, and shoes, the saw that was used to chop her body, and a wiper that was used to clean the floor. The accused would be arrested in accordance with the National Security Act, the DGP stated.

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