Big B replies to the troll who accused him of taking money from Amul

The uncrowned king of Bollywood, a superstar like never before, Amitabh Bachchan’s rise to the elite level of the film industry is an inspiring story which everyone should know. Now, he’s the greatest actor of all time in Indian film history.

Films like Anand and Zanjeer then catapulted his fame and income drastically and suddenly, he was the most loved actor in the country. Top-notch performance in Zanjeer earned him the tag “Angry Youngman” and he just went up and above from thereon.

But even during his successful days, things were not very easy for Bachchan. He always tried to give his hundred per cent whilst shooting for films and he used to do his stunts by himself. In 1982 Amitabh had a near-death experience, the doctors and his family had lost hopes after he met with an accident on the sets of the movie ‘Coolie’.

But miraculously, he recovered and Coolie became one of the biggest hits of all time in Indian cinema history. Many other films like Laawaris, Satte Pe Satta, Don, Sholay, Deewar immortalized him and the number of fans he’s earned over the time period is mind-boggling. The veteran Bollywood actor is quite an active personality on social media

Big B replies to the troll who accused him of taking money from Amul

In 2020, Amitabh Bachchan launched a scathing attack on the troll who accused him of taking money from Amul for the latest ad campaign featuring the actor.

It all started when Amitabh Bachchan wrote: “Thank you Amul for continuously thinking of me in your unique poster campaigns … varshon se Amul ne sammanit kiya hai mujhe ek sadharan shakshiyat ko amulya banaa diya mujhe (For years, Amul has given me respect and made an ordinary person like me priceless).”

Meanwhile, one of the Twitter users replied, “Kam se kam muft mein toh amulya nahin banen honge… tay rakam li hogi. Saal dar saal badhi hogi (In the process of making you invaluable, they must have given you a fair amount of money, which must have grown with each passing year).”

To which, Big B gave a sharp reply to the troll. “Bahut badi galat faimi mein chal rahen hain aap, miyan. Jab sach na maloom ho toh aapne swachh mukh ko swachh rakhiye. Na toh main Amul ko endorse karta hoon aur na kabhi kiya hain. Teer chalaane se pehle soch samajh lena chahiye, nahin toh woh aap pe hi aakar geerenge, jaise ki abb hua hai. Teer ki jagah jo mahawraa iss vishaye par woh kisi aur padaarth ka varnan karta hai. Meri sabhya parvarish ne mujhe uss ka varnan karne se rokk diya

Big B replies to the troll who accused him of taking money from Amul

(Translation: You have been living with an impression that is entirely wrong. It is always healthy to think before you speak and keep one’s thoughts clean. I do not endorse Amul and have never have done so in the past. Before you shoot an arrow, watch out that it might just land on you, like it has in this case. In fact, in place of an arrow, there is an idiom that comes to my mind which describes another thing, which, my civilised upbringing prevents me from using.)