Scoop Beats: A Story About a Facebook Page That Transcended to A Reliable News and Digital Media Company

Today, the number of people having access to the internet and social media has increased exponentially in India. The reason behind it is the introduction of cheap internet plans and a focus on digitalization. As a result, people were dependent on online news and digital media. Also, due to short attention span, and busy life, they needed everything to be precise and quick. However, some companies began to exploit this need, and many times, people were being misinformed about the happenings in the world. All of this just to become popular and get in more money. However, there were a few names that defied this trend and stood on the side of true journalism. One of them is Scoop Beats.

Scoop Beats was founded by Divya, a young and visionary entrepreneur who had a knack for technology. Often hailed as the ‘Tech Girl’ in the YouTube community, she initially started the site as a Facebook page. The goal was to shorten the gap between the people and the world’s affairs. This was achieved by instant delivery of information in the form of news and articles. Though the speed of information transfer was high, there was no loss of quality or reliability. As the page started becoming more and more popular, the founder converted it into a news and digital media company.

Scoop Beats covers topics from all niches like Business, Technology, Science, and Entertainment. All the articles contain facts and there is no false information pinned in them. The writers construct the articles in such a way that they grab the reader’s attention and provide them with knowledge. Just like every other company, Scoop Beats too had a desire to get more engagement and followers. However, it was never intended to be achieved at the expense of a drop in reliability and factualness of the content being delivered to the people. This is why Scoop Beats has earned a distinct spot among all the news and digital media companies.

Many times, Scoop Beats was found to become the voice of the readers. It was found to pose questions that were crucial and required limelight. The priority is to deliver what the readers desire and ensure it is authentic. From people to local communities to non-profits, they have given a stage to everybody to discuss stuff that needs or merits consideration.Often they cover news that is considered less worthy by others. They have always identified the social issues and tried to put them in front of all.

Unemployment in Jammu and Kashmir has been a topic that was often overlooked. However, when an opportunity presented itself, Scoop Beats decided to grab it. With Akhilendra, CEO of ASTNT Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the founder of Scoop Beats decided to establish news and digital media company in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The goal is to employ the local youth and shape their life. When many companies are running after profits and enlarging their audiences, having Scoop Beats is working in the interest of society is a real blessing. Through their unique vision and determination to serve the people, Scoop Beats is inspiring all to change their ways of functioning.