Cute Punjabi actress recalls being Cheated by People during Initial Years Of Career, read details

Punjabi actress by the name of Hashneen Chauhan went on to recall how she was cheated by some people during the initial years of her career in the showbiz industry. For the record, she has worked in several Punjabi movies such as Tunka Tunka, Yaara Ve, DSP Dev and more.

The gorgeous actress echoed that she was cheated on and was given false commitments. Talking about the same, she said, one of them announced himself as the casting director asked her to share her profile so that he would share it to the famous production houses of Punjab.

In return, he asked her to pay INR 10,000. “It happened sometime back when I was planning to step my foot in showbiz. It was a new world for me so I tried to get contacts from people here and there,” he added.

“I contacted many people, out of which one of them introduced himself as a casting director. He asked me to share my profile and he would pass that on to the renowned production houses of Punjab. In return, he asked me to pay 10,000,” he echoed.

Hashneen, who plied his trade in Punjabi films, TV shows, and music videos said, “It was the initial days of my journey and I was naive at that time. I don’t belong to a filmy background so I had no source to check the authenticity of that person,” she added.

“However, he sounded so convincing and impersonated himself as an intellectual, educated, and eloquent speaking person. I had no other way but to trust him. So, I paid him the amount he demanded and I was shocked to see what happened next. He blocked me after receiving the money.”

Furthermore, she added, “It was really a demotivating phase for me which made me think whether this profession is good for me or not. However, I bucked up courage and decided to let bygones be bygones and work hard to make a career for myself.”